Guide to Pick the Best Sweetener


Trying to nail down the right sugar alternative? Our guide to Pick the Best Sweetener helps you find the ones that fit YOUR needs. A handy chart leads you to the best among 1000s of products sold in stores.

I'll tell you my favorites too because I meticulously tested & experimented with them, so you don’t have to!

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Instead of walking up and down grocery store aisles confused by shelves full of options, this guide to Pick the Best Sweetener will take the guesswork away.

With 1000s of sugar alternatives in stores across America, the #1 question I get on my website is "what's the best one?."

Even as a sweetener enthusiast, my mind spins with the huge number of sweeteners on store shelves. So, to help you find the best sugar alternative, I sorted hundreds of brands & products.

The first thing you need to know is that the answer to “What’s the best and healthiest sweetener?” is complicated. That's because the definition of “best” and “healthy” varies from person to person.

It all depends on personal priorities and concerns.

To find the right product, you need to figure out what is essential TO YOU. So, I created a chart to help you with that.

We've done all the leg work for you, so you don't have to waste hours trying to figure out the best ones:

  • best taste
  • best 1:1 sugar replacement
  • best sugar-free sweeteners for baking
  • best gut-friendly sweeteners
  • best sugar-free sweetener for beverages
  • best diabetic-friendly sweeteners

Hey there!

I'm Adriane and I know exactly how it is to feel frozen in indecision, worried that I'll pick the wrong sweetener.

Like "Aaagh! Too many choices... I have no idea what to get!"

As a chemical engineer, food technologist, mother & wife, I'm here to translate the "science-speak" into simple, practical tips for home cooks to swap sugar.

Even as a sweetener enthusiast my head spins with all the options, so I hope to give you a digestible guide about sugar alternatives—one spoonful at a time!

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This stuff is gold!

Finally, everything in one place! 


This is such a valuable guide.

Super organized and full of info.
Thank you so much for doing this!


I'm absolutely blown away!

Not only by the breadth and depth of the information, but how clearly it's presented. The infographics are really well designed. Great job!

- R.K.